Stars & Stripes and Doctors of the World Field Trips

On Tuesday, November 26th, we will be going on field trips to either the offices of Stars & Stripes or Doctors of the World. In addition to learning about two unique work settings and enjoying a “change of pace” from our usual classes, you should use these questions to help you create an ethnography of the two work environments.

If you are allowed to do so, please take photos, or even audio recordings, so that you can use them as “data” for some activities that we will later do in class.

Stars and Stripes Group

Here are the kinds of ID you will need in order to enter the U.S. military base where the Stars and Stripes offices are located (only ONE of them will be acceptable):

1) Passport or 2) Japanese Driver’s License + PIN Number [YOU MUST PUNCH IN THE 8-DIGIT PIN NUMBER TO USE THIS ID TO ENTER THE FACILITY!], or 3) Residential Registration card with photo (写真付 住民基本台帳カード).

I repeat…if you do not know the 8-digit PIN for your driver’s license, you CANNOT use it as ID to enter the base. Students who tried that last year were turned away at the gate. Don’t forget your ID at home. If you do, you will not be able to gain access.

The Stars and Stripes group will meet at 10:45 AM at Nogizaka Station (Chiyoda Line)–Exit 5. We will meet above ground…not at the kaisatsuguchi. After the visit to Stars and Stripes we will have a picnic at the park that’s next to the facility, so please bring something to eat and, if possible, something that you can share with others. The weather is supposed to be nice. As it’s not clear how long the tour will last, there is no need to return to the university for the 3rd period part of our class. But, you should have no problem making it back for your 4th period class, if you have one.

Again, we will meet at Exit 5 of Nogizaka Station (above ground) at 10:45 AM on Tuesday. As a group, we will walk to the Stars and Stripes offices, which are at the Hardy Barracks, next to 都立青山公園. Just for your information, here are the directions to the facility.

You should start reading the newspaper in order to prepare for the trip and have good questions to ask the reporters and newspaper staff whom we’ll meet. Fortunately, you can download the daily editions of the paper as PDFs completely for free.

Doctors of the World Group

Reiko, Ai, Zhihao Xu, Yoshiki, Misato, and  Yukina S. will be going to the offices of Doctors of the World for an alternate field trip. They should to to this address by 9:30 AM, if possible, but no later than 11:00 AM if any of them have a first period class. The person who is organizing your visit would prefer that you come at 9:30 AM. The address is 東京都港区東麻布2-6-10麻布善波ビル2F.


You can find a map to the facility at:

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