What is the Integrated English Program

Our IE (Integrated English) Program integrates speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. You will develop these skills by writing journals, working in pairs on dialogues, discussing current events and issues in small groups, as well as by participating in role plays, and in group presentations. The focus of our unique integrated skills English is on communicating with others.

The IE Program operates on a semester system and demands a high level of participation. Initially, we test your language ability by a TOEFL test and place you in a class suitable to your ability. Our IE classes are small so that you will have every chance to take part in classroom activities and interact with the teacher.

There are three different sections in the IE Program: IE Core, IE Listening, IE Writing. Combined language skills are emphasized in the IE Core section. In the IE Listening section, you will watch documentaries and popular films. Meanwhile, the focus of the IE Writing section is on developing your ability to write paragraphs and essays through brainstorming, peer tutors, and revision. After completing the IE Program, you will be required to take Academic Writing, and an Academic Skills course, and you may be eligible for an IE Seminar in the area of business communication, detective fiction, film and culture, popular music, or translation.

IE Program Coordinator
Gregory B. Strong

IE Program Coordinator
Joseph V. Dias