English Dept Teachers Handbook

 In this e-version of the handbook, we have tried to articulate the administrative policies of the English Department and Aoyama Gakuin University. [We would like to thank Richard Evanoff of SIPEC for his permission to use selected content from their guide in ours.]

Campus Map and Key Information : Website addresses, Telephone numbers (teacher absences, late arrivals)
* Resource Centers at AGU
* Support for students and faculty outside of AGU
* Mental Health-related Resources
Part I: Program
      Overview of the curriculum
      General description of the curriculum
      Changing IE levels
Course descriptions
      The IE Program’s Themes
      Tasks for IE Core Classes
      Tasks for IE Writing
      Course Goals
      Weighting of grades across IE courses
      Plagiarism policy
      Other courses taught by IE teachers
Teaching materials and textbooks
      Teacher guidebooks
      Student booklets
      IE website, IE Texts, IE Google Group
      Textbook policy
      Choosing materials
      Ordering textbooks
Teacher Resource Center
Audio-visual and Internet materials
SNS Policy
Chat Room Sessions

Part II: Policies
Academic standards
      Teaching objectives
      Teaching methods
      English in the classroom   
      Feedback from students, the administration, and teachers
      Classroom dynamics
Policies for students
      Freshman orientation
      Grading policy
      Minor Change in IE Grading Policy (From 2020)
      Attendance policy
      Written assignment format
      Plagiarism / Using the Writing Database for plagiarism prevention

Part III: Teachers’ responsibilities
       Annual teachers’ orientation
       Class rosters      
       Assessment of students  / Reporting grades
       Conduct toward students
Employment policies
       Salaries, contracts, and transportation expenses
        Expectations / Terminating employment
Dealing with teacher stress
Part IV: Facilities
General information
        Information packet
        Getting to the Shibuya campus
        Contacting the Shibuya campus
        Identity card
Important places on campus
        Student Centre
        Faculty lounges
        Photocopy facilities
        Computer facilities
        Cafeteria, bookstore, clinic, library
Audio-visual materials and equipment
        Foreign Language Laboratory
        AV Library
        Placing materials on reserve
        Dubbing materials
        Policies for using other materials
CALL classrooms
        Equipment in other classrooms
        Getting assistance
Borrowing deluxe webcam for use in classrooms
Laptops and webcams for loan to students and teachers

Part V: Online Resources and the Aoyama Portal
AFP World Academic Archive
        Before you start
        Accessing the AFPWAA
        Registering with the AFPWAA
        Logging in to the AFPWAA
The Aoyama Portal
        Using the Aoyama Portal
        Before you start
        Accessing the Aoyama Portal
        Uploading and downloading
        Class rosters
        Entering grades
        If you teach multiple IE classes to same block of students

Part VI: Recent proposals and plans
       Using the Chat Room to address special needs’ students
       Change in How Failure in IE I Will Be Handled
       Special role of “IE F2F Instructor at large”     
       Policies on ChatGPT and other Generative AI

Part VII: COVID-related precautions (for historical interest)
       Detailed Q&A on how classes will be conducted in Spring 2021
       Do NOT wipe down desks and chairs in classrooms
       Safety guidelines for CALL Classrooms
       Procedures before (and after) each F2F class
       How students can get an exemption from F2F instruction
       Dealing with cases of COVID-19 when they come up (Pres. Sakamoto’s 3/22 document)

Part VIII: Student Job Hunting & Career Related Issues
       Changes in recruitment styles under the pandemic