IE Active Listening & Academic Skills

In IE Active Listening, you will be exposed to streaming media, documentaries and popular films based on the themes in the chart below. These themes are shared with your IE Writing and IE Core courses. For the Academic Skills course in your sophomore year, you will be listening to recorded lectures on the subjects of literature, linguistics, and communications. You will learn how academic lectures are organized, and how to take effective lecture notes.

IEA Listening I IEA Listening II IEA Listening III

2.Urban Life



1.Changing Technology





2.Cross-Cultural Values


4.The Media

Academic Skills
1. Literature

2. Linguistics

3. Communications

Here is the link to videos that are used in the AS course:

Your classes will be held in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) classrooms and you will be able to listen to the materials in our self-access areas as well.

“Self-directed listening” sites

Use the following sites for the self-directed listening part of the new IE Active Listening course:

Login for Reallyenglish’s Practical English course Your teacher will provide you with the necessary access code.

Listening Resources for Language Learners (many of these include transcripts)

Challenging Listening Materials Intended for Natives

LINKS to YouTube videos connected with the IE Active Listening themes

You might want to make use of the some of the following resources related to environmental issues as alternatives to YouTube:

  • Ecologist is a British ecological magazine offering videos on environmental issues around the world.
  • Green Channel is part of Discovery Network. It recently featured videos about the world’s greenest homes.
  • Greenpeace International offers videos describing environmental problems and their solutions.
  • National Geographic has videos on environmental issues and animal-related news.
  • Earthrise is a program featuring developments in Asia and includes stories about environmental issues.
  • BBC Nature & Wildlife presents videos and loads of information on animals found around the world.
  • Scientific American introduces a variety of environmental issues through videos at its website, including a census on jaguars in Central America.

Follow this link for learning materials related to the video “Diet for a New America” (to be used in IE III Active Listening) and a video featuring an interview with a couple who own and manage a vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo called Deva Deva (to be used in the Academic Skills course): ‎