IE Writing & Academic Writing

In the IE Writing section, you will learn how to write well-organized, grammatically correct paragraphs and essays. you will also learn about the writing process of brainstorming ideas, and editing and revising them. Your teacher will correct your errors, conference with you, and explain examples of effective writing in class. After completing IE Writing section III, you will be required to take Academic Writing, a sophomore course that prepares students for academic research through work on a 1,500 word essay.

IE Writing I IE Writing II IE Writing III Academic Writing
Paragraph Writing Introduction to the Essay Using quotations and paraphrase in essay writing Research Essay
1. Description 1. Comparison – Contrast 1. Review of the
Essay Form
1. developing
2. Classification 2. Analysis 2. Cause and Effect
or Persuasive
2. citing references
3. Comparison-Contrast
3. Classification  3. using MLA style

Access SAGE video tutorials about different aspects of academic writing by clicking here.

And, here are some SAGE video tutorials that teach about more advanced research skills, including how to present at conferences.