Academic Writing

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: D. Bollinger (Tues., 4 Pd)

This course is designed to teach research skills such as selecting references, citing quotations, paraphrasing and summarizing content from source material, organizing a bibliography, etc. In this course, students will review the steps of the writing process and will gain proficiency in using critical analysis, based on evidence, to support a thesis statement. At the end of the course, students will submit a 1,500-word essay and will make an oral presentation based on their research.

9/25 Course Overview / Introductions / Parts of a Research Paper

10/2 MLA Citations / Topic Selection / Preparation for Library Tour

10/9 Library Orientation / Select References /Prepare a Preliminary Bibliography

10/16 Prepare Outline / Write Thesis Statement

10/23 Write Introductory Paragraph and Topic Sentences

10/30 Direct and Indirect Quotations

11/6 Paraphrasing and Summarizing

11/13 Draft 1 Due / Peer Review

11/20 Student-Teacher Conferences / Revision

11/27 Student-Teacher Conferences / Revision

12/4 Draft 2 Due / Peer Review

12/11 Oral Presentations / Student-Teacher Conferences

12/18 Oral Presentations / Student-Teacher Conferences

1/8 Final Essay Due / Course Review and Feedback

Changes may be made to the syllabus based on students’ needs.

Outline: 10%
Bibliography: 10%
1st Draft: 20%
Final Essay: 30%
Oral Presentation: 15%
Participation: 15%

Academic Writing Student Booklet, by Gregory Strong

Students are expected to participate in all class sessions, prepare all homework assignments, bring the textbook to class each week, submit assignments when due, and work cooperatively with other classmates.

Teacher Contact: [email protected]