Assessment of students

Assessment of students. For IEP courses, assessment should be based on the work that students do in the course of the semester (“Grading policy” section) rather than on their language ability. All quizzes and tests should be given during regular class time; no exams will be scheduled during the official examination period. If students are absent from a final exam in IE Active Listening or Academic Skills, then (1) make arrangements for the student to take the test in another teacher’s class if possible; or (2) assign a grade based on other criteria, such as class performance, projects, and previous quizzes given in class. Teachers may also give students a make-up assignment. 

Reporting grades. Teachers are responsible for giving grades to their students for each of their classes. Since all courses are on a semester system, students must be given a grade at the end of each semester. Teachers should submit their grades online using the Aoyama Portal (see the Aoyama portal). Grade forms must be filled out completely; each student whose name appears on the grade form must be given a grade, even if that student did not attend your class at all. Grades must be submitted by the deadline for each semester. Grades may not be changed once they have been submitted, except in exceptional circumstances when the teacher has clearly made an error in giving the original grade. 

After grades have been reported to the students, students are permitted to ask teachers to give an explanation for why they got the grade that they received. Such requests are made directly to Student Center, which then sends the teacher a form asking for an explanation of the student’s grade. After filling in the form, the teacher must return the form to Student Center, which will then forward the form to the student. Teachers who plan to be away during the holiday period after each semester should give the Student Center their contact information in the event that any questions arise about their grades.