Attendance policy

Class participation is very important in the IEP. Students who are absent for five classes in a semester–which is one-third of the classes–automatically fail the course. Please warn those who are beginning to show a pattern of absences early, while they still have time to change their ways.

AbsencesMaximum Grade  
1* No effect on grade  
2Final grade cannot exceed 89%  
3Final grade cannot exceed 79%  
4Final grade cannot exceed 69%  
5 or moreFail (unless legitimate absences – doctor’s note, funeral)  

Teachers teaching elective courses are free to establish their own attendance policies. In all cases, however, in accordance with guidelines established by the Ministry of Education, students cannot be graded on the basis of attendance alone. Our policy is that while students cannot be given points simply for attending classes, they can lose marks for absences. Furthermore, students who are absent are expected to make up any work that they have missed. The attendance policy should be reviewed by all teachers in each of their classes on the first day of class.

            Excused absences: In the case of excused absences, which include absences due to participation on one of the university’s official teams (such as the baseball or track team), or due to a serious illness or a death in the student’s family, the student’s grade should not be marked down. Students should provide teachers with the appropriate documentation depending on the situation. A hanko, or official seal, should be included when appropriate.

            Exceptional situationsIn the event that a student has more than three excused absences but no unexcused absences, teachers may modify the above policy at their own discretion. However, the teacher must assign and assess additional make-up work given to the student for completion outside of class, equivalent in time and effort to the classes missed. This policy is intended to give teachers some leeway in determining whether a student can pass a class or not. But it should only be used in exceptional situations and should not be openly publicized to students in advance.

            Late students:  Students who are more than 30 minutes late for class should be marked absent. Being late three times in one semester equals one absence. Students should not be marked late, however, if there is a delay in public transportation services and the student brings an official verification slip from the transportation company. Other reasons for excusing students who are late can be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.