Audio-visual and Internet materials

Audio-visual and Internet materials. Besides materials for the IEP, teachers will be responsible for obtaining any audio-visual materials related to other textbooks they may be using. Many publishers will provide free audio-visual materials to teachers if the teachers have their students buy the textbook. If the teacher cannot obtain free materials, however, it may be possible to have the Foreign Language Laboratory (FLL) order the materials on a teacher’s behalf. It is also possible for teachers to use and download free news broadcasts through the AFP World Academic Archive, available through the AGU library’s portal.

There is an AV Library that is separate from the main library. It is located on the 1st Floor of Building 8. The library contains films and documentaries in DVD format and educational materials. You may also bring your own AV materials there and ask to have the librarian put them on hold for your students to view. There are group viewing areas so that your students can gather together and discuss content they are watching.