Audio-visual materials and equipment

Foreign Language Laboratory. The Foreign Language Laboratory (FLL) office is located on the sixth floor of Building 15 (Goucher Memorial Hall). To contact them from off campus, the direct line is 03-3409-7938; to contact them on campus the extension number is 12557. You can sign out video equipment from their office and use their video editing room. They also can lend out a limited number (and variety) of adaptors for connecting teachers’ personal computers or tablets to the AV equipment in the CALL classrooms. In addition, there is a special preparation room located on the sixth floor of Building 15, which teachers who have classes in CALL classrooms may use and where audio-visual materials may be previewed or edited.

AV Library. The AV Library is located on the first floors of Buildings 8 and 9. The AV Library has a substantial collection of videos, DVDs, laser disks, and cassettes that can be signed out for use in your classes on a 1-week renewable loan. Audio-visual materials for some textbooks are also available in the AV Library. The materials are catalogued on the Aoyama Gakuin University Library website at <>, accessible in both English and Japanese. Audio-visual materials may also be previewed at the AV Library. 

Ordering new materials. Teachers should try, as far as possible, to use materials that are currently available at the AV Library. For audio-visual materials that accompany a textbook, the teacher should first ask the publisher to supply a complimentary copy of the materials (many publishers will provide free audio-visual materials to teachers if the teachers have their students buy the corresponding textbook). If the teacher cannot obtain a free complimentary copy, however, it may be possible to ask the FLL office to order the materials. Teachers who wish to use other audio-visual materials not already available at the AV Library may make a request directly to the FLL to order these materials. Please note that all requests to order materials are subject to both budgetary constraints and the approval of the FLL Committee; therefore, there is no guarantee that such requests can be fulfilled.

Placing materials on reserve. Materials may be placed on reserve at the AV library for the use of students inside the library by filling out the appropriate form (called kadai shitei) at the AV Library. 

Dubbing materials. Materials for which copying privileges have been granted may be dubbed by both teachers and students. Teachers should consult with the AV Library or the FLL first to make sure that the university has copying privileges for the materials they would like to have dubbed. Teachers should ask the FLL office to dub the materials for them at least one week in advance of the time that the material is needed. Students may only dub materials with their prior approval. For students to dub materials, the teacher must first fill in a form at the FLL office giving their approval, then the students must take a blank CD, or DVD to the FLL office for the materials to be dubbed onto. The FLL will not accept requests to copy or edit audio-visual materials for which copying privileges have not been granted.

Policies for using materials. Duplicating audio-visual materials without the permission of the copyright owner is a breach of the Copyright Act. For this reason, the following policies have been adopted for how materials may be used at the AV Library: 

1. The AV Library will not stock audio-visual materials without the permission of the copyright owner (including recorded TV programs).

2. The FLL will preferentially buy audio-visual materials with permission from the copyright holders so that all faculty members and students of Aoyama Gakuin University can use them at the AV Library.

3. AV materials may be used by all faculty members of Aoyama Gakuin University at the AV Library. Teachers should pick up the materials on the day that they will use them in class and return them on the same day. If teachers need time for preparation, please consult with the AV Library for details on how the materials may be used in advance of the time that they will be used in class. In all cases, however, the materials must be returned to the AV Library immediately after they have been used in class (note that this rule is strictly followed with no exceptions). 

4. In some cases there are restrictions on which materials students can use at the AV Library. Unrestricted materials may be used by students of Aoyama Gakuin University at the AV Library, but students are not permitted to use these materials outside of the AV Library. Students may use restricted materials only in the following cases: 

(a) Students of Aoyama Gakuin University may use restricted materials if they have been placed on reserve by a faculty member of Aoyama Gakuin University (see “Placing materials on reserve” above);

(b) Students of Aoyama Gakuin University who wish to use restricted materials for a course being taught by a faculty member of Aoyama Gakuin University need an application form from the FLL to the teacher. If the materials are indeed relevant to the course, then the teacher may sign the application form, authorizing the student to use the materials.