Brenda Butler


B. J. Butler has taught at Aoyama and other universities in the Kanto area for a number of years. This past year, she taught two of the experimental classes using Xreading, IE III Core and Oral English II. When she finds some free time outside work, she enjoys spending it with family, friends, and her dogs, appreciating nature, doing DIY projects and trying out new plant-based recipes.

Message to Students

Your four years at Aogaku will pass very quickly and if you are new to our program, you may feel you want to relax and focus on the social aspect of university life. However, while this is completely understandable, and it is an important part of university life in Japan, it is not the most important part. Japan’s role in the international setting is changing and so, to meet future challenges, it would be wise to improve your English ability as much as possible through your classes, the chat room, and in clubs and circles that use English, and if possible , in one of our study-abroad programs. Also, please consider improving your scores on various English proficiency tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or Step Eiken depending on your needs so that you can include these on your resume to prove your ability when you apply for a job in your fourth year. In short, please enjoy the social side but build skills for your future in your time at Aogaku.