Conduct toward students

Conduct towards students. Teachers are expected to have a positive and encouraging manner in dealing with students. We encourage informal contacts between teachers and students but also expect teachers to be thoroughly professional in their relations with students. Of course, the same professionalism should also be extended to other faculty members, administration, and staff. In all cases avoid any form of behavior that could be interpreted as sexual harassment or power harassment. 

Practices to be avoided. Do not send students outside of the class on a regular basis to do other work in lieu of regular class participation. Do not send some students outside of the class while conferencing or meeting with others. While we recognize that there are students of varying levels in each class, please be resourceful in dealing with this situation, which is common to all of us. No private or “independent” studies, please. Teachers should never take students out of their assigned classrooms without special permission. Only under special circumstances, such as library assignments, is it possible to take students outside of the classroom.