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  • What cookbook is being reviewed and what can you learn about its author and about the reviewer?
  • How many personal details about the reviewer’s life are revealed in the course of the review…including his/her attitudes and tastes? Does that make the review more or less interesting?
  • How much do you feel you can trust the reviewer’s opinions? Why or why not? Do you think (s)he has any commercial interest in the cookbook? Why do you think so?
  • What are the good points mentioned about the cookbook?
  • What, if any, are some of its negative points?
  • How does the cookbook reviewer emphasise particularly important points—verbally, through paralanguage, or by nonverbal means? Be specific and note down the time in the video when emphasis is given.
  • What do you admire about how this person reviews the cookbook? What criticisms would you make—not of the cookbook but with the style or delivery of the review?
  • When reviewing a cookbook of your own, what techniques would you like to borrow from the reviewer?