Generally students should be expected to be on time and be in their seats when the teacher is ready to begin class. Students should not be inattentive, chatting, sleeping, or working on other projects in class. Part of the students’ grades can be based on class participation and students should be encouraged to be attentive and responsive in class. If discipline problems occur in the classroom which the teacher is unable to resolve on his or her own, please contact one of the IEP coordinators. If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, it will be referred to the English Department Chair. 

Melvin Andrade has sourced a good video on the subject, “How to maintain classroom discipline: Good and bad methods” (1947 vintage film). The bad example starts at 00:00 and the good one starts at 7:38. It’s interesting that the recipe for effective teaching hasn’t changed all that much over the past 75 years. It is still about rapport, mutual respect, motivation and care.