Expectations and Terminating employment

Expectations. We expect teachers to fulfill all of their responsibilities through the end of the academic year in March. Teachers who are unable to fulfill their responsibilities due to health problems or other emergencies should immediately contact one of the IEP coordinators. If a teacher takes a leave of absence for health reasons, a document from the attending physician or other caregiver must be submitted upon the teacher’s return certifying the reason for the teacher’s absence and that the teacher is ready and able to resume teaching. (The precise nature of the illness need not be specified in the document; the document will not be kept on file nor become part of the teacher’s record.) 

Terminating employment. Throughout their term of employment at Aoyama, teachers should conduct themselves in a responsible manner and inquire about procedures if they are in doubt as to what is permitted. Teachers may be dismissed or their contracts may not be renewed for failing to observe university policies. Failure to show up for exams without proper notification; failure to turn in grades on time; failure to follow course descriptions or incompetence in teaching assigned courses; excessive tardiness or absences; teacher absences arranged with classes directly rather than through Student Center; a consistent pattern of negligent or irresponsible behavior; failure to provide sufficient notice when dropping a class, or changing one’s schedule after signing a contract; inability to work effectively with students; discourteous or offensive behavior towards students, other faculty, or staff are all examples of behavior that may lead to termination of employment.