Gregory Strong

Self Introduction

Greg is currently the IE Program co-coordinator. Among his special areas of study are Canadian Studies, theatre, film, writing, and communications. Drawing on his experiences in education and in traveling (to some 50 countries), he teaches a cross-cultural communication seminar for junior and seniors at the Shibuya Campus, and he will be doing a new lecture course, Media and Mass Communications. He has worked in Japan, China, and Canada as a teacher, teacher educator, a curriculum materials writer, and editor–most recently of Adult Language Learners: Context and Innovation. (2009, Alexandria, VA: TESOL).

Message to Students

I urge you to make the most of your opportunities at AGU! Choose the classes that most excite you, join the clubs that will allow you to grow and enjoy new experiences, and travel whenever you can. Finally, when thinking about a career, follow your interests, for a career is a lifelong pursuit. We try to introduce the topic in some of your IE classes, but you should also explore it yourself. Make a short list of 5 jobs you would like. Then explore more about these jobs through inputting the job title in the search parts of websites like the U.S. Dept of Labor Occupational Classification ( Though the information is about the job in America, that will still give you insights into the training required, pay, etc., aspects of the job that may be similar in Japan.