Welcome to the English Department of Aoyama Gakuin University. This handbook is intended to provide teachers with an overview of (1) the Integrated English Program (IEP); (2) the English Department and university policies; and (3) the facilities of our university. A Scope and Sequence has been prepared for each of the following courses: IE Core, IE Writing, IE Active Listening, Academic Writing, and Oral English. These teacher guides contain explanations of instructional tasks, sample student materials, reading references, and examples of the APA Style guide. In addition, there is a student booklet for the IE Core and IE Writing courses, for Academic Writing, and a student booklet available as a PDF for Academic Skills.

All of these materials may be downloaded from an IE texts’ webpage at In addition, you can keep track of news about the IE Program, upcoming guest lecturers, and other news at the IEP Website: and a blog set up to announce special events at:

You will find your mailbox, copies of teacher guides, student booklets, course textbooks, supplementary materials, and professional resources in the Teacher Resource Center by the English Department office, Building 15 (Goucher), 9F.