Materials related to your final presentations

Here is the schedule for the presentations that were given on Tuesday the 11th. The number in parentheses, after the group members, is the topic number which was pre-selected.

1) Kazuki, Koki (2) The_Ideal_Working_Environment PPT

2) Luke, Chiaki (2) Wedding Office Lay-out and PowerPoint

3) Yoshiaki, Michiko (2)

4) Nao, Yukiko (2) Ad Agency Office lay-out

5) Natsuki U, Saki (2)

6) Ekaterina, Anastasia (1) Lending a helping hand PowerPoint

7) Airi T., Marina (2)

Office lay-out

Office lay-out

8) Natsuki K., Asuka (2) Ideal IT Design Company

9) Airi S., Haruka (2)

10) Minami, Yuiko, Mayu (3) MMC Espresso Office Handout and PowerPoint

11) Mika H., Ayana (3) presentation script & references and PowerPoint Pres

12) Hisashi (3)

13) Megumi Araki (2) YouTube Video and Plan

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