Melvin Andrade

Self Introduction

I was born and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.A. My hobbies and interests include foreign languages, art and music appreciation, tea ceremony, and current events around the world. When I was a university student, I spent one year studying in Austria and France. My bachelor’s degree was in Psychology. After that, I earned a master’s degree in English. I taught English to foreign students at universities in America. Then, I came to Japan to teach English. I stayed here for 10 years. I wanted to study more, so I returned to California and earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of California at Berkeley. After that, I returned to Japan and taught at Nanzan University in Nagoya. I have been teaching part-time at AGU since 2000. In addition, I teach at Sophia University. I recently published an English textbook entitled Life in Our Global Village (Sanshusha).

Message to Students

“Set goals and try your best!”
“If you don’t know, ask!”
“If you fall down, stand up!”