In 2015 we initiated a plagiarism policy statement for the IE Program. That statement can be found in the student handbooks for IE Core and Writing and for Academic Writing. For the IEP, physical evidence of student plagiarism in a book report, a journal entry, or an essay (e.g., The student’s work together with the passage copied from the Internet, a book, or from another student’s work) should result in the student failing the assignment. The instance should be brought to the student’s attention and the IEP coordinators should be notified immediately. The student should be warned about plagiarizing a second time. If the student plagiarizes a second time in the same course, then they must receive a failing grade.

            For these measures to work, students should be taught the difference between legitimately using and acknowledging sources, and the use of summary and paraphrase. Exercises and further discussion of plagiarism and of writing summaries and paraphrases may be found in the IE Writing Teachers’ guidebook and that for Academic Writing as well.

You can read the complete plagiarism policy (in both English and Japanese) by clicking HERE.