Presentation Schedule

Poetry Presentations

Here are the poems that were assigned to all of you in the first round of poetry presentations. Click on THIS PDF to see the Poetry Presentation Instructions. Remember that a few weeks ago I gave you an example of the poetry presentation using the poem “Perhaps the World Ends Here” by Joy Harjo.

November 8th
Yukari: The Thanksgivings
Meiko: Potato

November 15
Minami: Coca Cola and Coco Frio
Doug: Garlic

December 13
Megumi: The Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Stomp
Hitomi: My Days are Numbered
Saya: What they ate
Karen: Ode to Chicken

December 20
Hiroo: The Fine Printing on the Label of a Bottle of Non-alcohol Beer
Kaho: Ode to Salt
Yuna: Potatoes

January 10
Poster presentations on a second poem to be distributed by Dias.
[Everyone will be giving a presentation on this day but it will be a poster presentation.]

Recipe Presentations

November 8
Hiroo: Aburaage Natto
Kaho: Avocado Dip

November 15

November 22

December 13

January 24
Everyone presents their second recipe.

YouTube/Podcast Video Exchange

November 8: Yuna, Karen, Saya, Hitomi, Megumi, Doug

November 15: Yukari, Meiko, Hiroo, Kaho

November 22: [We didn’t have time to do them on this day.]

December 6: [This class was cancelled.]

December 20: Yukari, Meiko, Megumi, Hitomi, Hiroo, Kaho, Minami, Karen, Yuna

January 10: Yuna, Minami, Doug, Saya, Karen

January 24: Kaho, Minami, Meiko, Saya, Hitomi, Megumi, Doug, Yukari, Hiroo

Discussions & Final Presentation on Food-related Books

Informal discussions on our progress: December 6, December 20, January 10 (in small groups) In these informal discussions you should report on what you’ve been reading, how you felt about it, and how you think it might be relevant to you and your classmates. Also, prepare some discussion questions related to your reading so that you can lead a 5-7 minute discussion. [Note that you should also be writing about your progress each week on your food blog. Tell us about what new things you’re learning, what surprised you, and what might have inspired you to change your diet or life style.]

Formal Presentation on the book to the entire class (10 minutes): January 24 [I will be giving you further instructions later about my expectations for the final presentation.]

Restaurant Reviews [2 reviews of 2 different restaurants are required]

[You may work with one other classmate for both of these reviews.]

December 20:  Formal, written review of a restaurant of your choice is due. You must also do a brief oral presentation (5-10 minutes) about the process of preparing for the restaurant visit, your criteria for evaluating it, the experience of eating at the restaurant, and the issues involved in writing the review.

January 24:  A 7-10 minute podcast or YouTube Video review of a restaurant of your choice is due. You will show it to the class and be prepared to give some background about the process of creating it.

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