Resources at AGU

Hoken Kanri Center (Campus Clinic) / 保健管理センター 

青山キャンパス Building 7, 1F;(直通電話)03-3409-7896

月~金  9:00~17:00 (土)9:00~13:00

救急処置(ケガ等)/ First aid (acute illness, injuries, etc.)

Gakusei Soudan Center / 学生相談センター

青山キャンパス Building 7, 1F;(直通電話)03(3409)8653

月~金 9:00~11:30 & 12:30~17:00


Counselors (psychologists) consult with students not only about stress or mental issues, but also about personal growth, academic matters, future prospects, relationships, etc.

Support Center for Students with Disabilities (SCSD) / 障がい学生支援センター

青山キャンパス 9号館1階(直通電話)03-3409-6348

Counselors available by appointment.


They provide consultation and advice—at both the undergraduate and graduate levels― regarding class selection and course planning. Don’t hesitate to contact them! They will consider the kinds of support that students need for their problems and anxieties when studying at university. Students with certain learning or developmental disorders are sometimes introduced to an external organization, KAIEN-GAKUPRO, to seek additional assistance. The university does not have a contract with this organization, so costs must be incurred by students or their guardians. 

Fitness Center / フィットネスセンター

青山キャンパス 青山学院記念館(大学体育館);(直通電話)03-3409-6017

[email protected] / See the open hours at

月~金  12:30~21:00 (土)11:00~18:00 日曜・祝日 12:00~17:00

運動は、学生生活を有意義なものにするばかりか、延いては人生をより豊かにするための基礎をつくる最も重要な要素です。そのため、学生時代に健康や身体について学び、実践する場を設けることは、最高学府であり最後の教育機関である大学の使命であると考え、フィットネスセンターでは、創造力豊かな健康的でヘルスリテラシーの高い学生を育成する事を目的に、「health」「re-creation」「physical education」を3つの柱として運営しています。

Exercise is an important factor in making student life meaningful, but it also lays the foundation for a richer life. The Fitness Center will help students and faculty realize the three pillars for functioning at a high-level: “health,” “re-creation,” and “physical education.” It does that by providing a place to practice a healthy lifestyle and physical education.

Academic Writing Center (AWC) / アカデミックライティングセンター 

青山キャンパス Building 9, 1st floor

授業実施期間中の月曜日から金曜日まで  青山キャンパス 11時~18時

Make reservations at .


At AWC, professionally trained tutors (graduate students) provide individual support and consultation regarding the writing of reports and theses. AWC aims to help students acquire the ability to write theses and reports through support and consultation. The ability to write well is not only necessary for academic purposes, but having solid writing skills is essential in all situations after graduation.

Career Center / 進路・就職センター

青山キャンパス Building 17, 2nd floor; ;(直通電話)03-3409-7846

月~金   9:30~11:30 & 12:30~17:00 (土):9:30~12:00

Reference room hours/ 資料室開室時間 月~金   9:00~17:00 土 9:00~13:00


The Career Center helps first and second year students to think about their future careers from an early stage and encourages a broad view of professions and career options. For 3rd and 4th year students, the Center prepares more specific programs to help students choose their career paths, aiming for accurate career selection and career decisions that they can be satisfied with.

Extracurricular Activities / 課外活動

Have a more satisfying social life by joining a university club or circle. These groups are organized around sports, drama, music, hobbies, academic areas. See the full variety of clubs and circles that are available at: .

Note: In the 2021 Academic Year, SCSD and the Student Counseling Center are open as usual. Interviews are conducted face-to-face, but for some students, they are also available online. In the event of a State of Emergency being called again, they plan to conduct face-to-face interviews as usual, while the university is open. If the situation becomes worse than that, they will be available by phone or online.