ID that’s needed for the Stars and Stripes Tour

Here are the kinds of ID you will need in order to enter the U.S. military base where the Stars and Stripes offices are located (only ONE of them will be acceptable):

1) Passport or 2) Japanese Driver’s License + PIN Number, or 3) Residential Registration card with photo (写真付 住民基本台帳カード).

We will leave AGU as a group and go to the “Stars and Stripes” offices together on the 27th of November. Just for your information, here are the directions to the facility.

You should start reading the newspaper in order to prepare for the trip and have good questions to ask the reporters and newspaper staff whom we’ll meet. Fortunately, you can download the daily editions of the paper as PDFs completely for free.


In our class on November 6th, I showed you a photo from an advertising campaign that was meant to make people more aware of racism. It was the Face of this anonymous white man. Then, I handed out a photo showing the Face of an anonymous Japanese man and asked you and your partner to create a similar sort of advertisement that can make Japanese more aware of the privileges they have in Japan simply by virtue of being Japanese. Unfortunately, I forgot to collect those papers at the end of class. So, please bring them in on the 13th of November (if you still have it) or make a new one and give it to me. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here’s an article about the controversy caused by the anti-racism campaign in the States.

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