Tableau Vivant Project

Please check out the creations of Donna Cavaille’s Spanish language students at San Lorenzo Valley High School in Felton, California.

like/ salvation/ light (3)/ desperation/ bright (2)/ everywhere/ happy/ future (2)/ kids (2)/ young people/ future/ dream/ bright/ desire/ life (2)/ trust/ brightening light/ peace

heart (3)/ red/ marriage (2)/ world/ everything/
family (2)/ caring/ relationship (2)/ music/ heart (2)/ boyfriend/ happy/fun/ power/ people/ relationship/ romance/ music/ family/ pink

religion (2)/ heaven/ death/ mental/ ghost/ strong (2)/ love/ hot/Hawaiian/ life/ encourage/ soul (3)/ heart/ passion/ Japan/ fire/ blessed/ white/ what is not easily broken/ power

disaster/ war/ sadness (2)/ earthquake/ Shakespeare/ Romeo & Juliet (2)/ pessimistic/ 3.11 (2)/ 9.11/ lost my iPhone/ cry/ sad (2)/ upset/ emotional/ undesirable/ pandemonium/ Fukushima/ drama/ earthquakes/ tsunami/ experience/ ethnic difference (dance, painting, etc.)/ tears

kind (2)/ appreciation/ respect (6)/ Japan/ grandparents/ mother/ my grandma/ grandpa/ old (2)/ experience (2)/ yielding/ war/ slow/ help/ take good care/ walking dictionary/ go for a walk

dish/ food (3)/ fruits (2)/ curry/ Chinese food/ sweets (4)/ My mom’s food (2)/ Japanese food/ cakes/ homemade/ yummy/ nice/ fulfilling/ mouthful/ share/ brownies/ BBQ/ good/ food/ feel happy

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