Tim Murphey

Self Introduction

I did my PhD in Switzerland on the use of Music and Song in Language Learning during which time I also taught skiing and other sports (tennis, basketball, juggling, etc.) in a sports camp in the Alps. I am originally from Florida (although most of my family is on the west coast now), but I feel more Japanese than American. I love teaching and challenging myself and students to learn in diverse ways so that we can get the most out of life. I believe we need to connect with others in our environment to effectively learn. Moving, singing, and talking are major thinking-learning ways.

Message to Students

Many like the words of Leo Buscaglia: “Make yourself into the best possible person you can be. Then give yourself away.” I believe that he meant we can give ourselves away to others/causes throughout our lives, everyday, don’t wait to become, doing (with mistakes) helps you become! And that helps us to be the best possible person we can become. Altruism can be the biggest thrill of our lives, and collaborative autonomy an epic story of joyful group success and continually unfolding serenity.