Videos on Health and Culture

In our class on April 15th Dias showed three scenes of medical care or healing treatment. The first one showed a demonstration of a physical exam for medical students at an American university. The second video was meant to prepare potential patients for a health check for metabolic syndrome at a clinic in Japan. The third one showed a shaman from the Amazonian Kichwa community treating young children for an itchy scalp and other problems.

You were instructed to watch the videos and write down as many of your observations as possible on the papers that were distributed to you. If you didn’t do that already in class, please do it now. It isn’t necessary to watch the first video (the American one) in its entirety since it’s so long; just watching the first 5 minutes or so would be fine. Write your observations in as much detail as possible. We will discuss your observations in the next class, on April 22nd.

Here are the videos:

Duke University (USA) Demo of Physical Exam


Shaman of the Amazonian Kichwa Community

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