IE Teachers Orientation

The 19th Annual Faculty Development Symposium on University English Teaching (AKA IE Orientation) will take place on Friday, April 6th this year. Several teachers in the IE Program have generously agreed to speak on issues of common interest, including apps for teachers and students, drama in the classroom, and ways to teach reading. For the first time, we will also host a “swap shop” of activities that have worked well for us in our AGU classes.

Read summaries of the sessions by downloading this Word file.

EVENT: IE Teachers Orientation / 19th Annual Faculty Development Symposium on University English Teaching

WHEN: April 6, 2012 (Friday), from 8:30 AM

WHERE: Goucher Hall (Building 15), Conference Room 13, 15-501, 15-502, 15-401 [Initially, teachers will meet in Conference Room 13 in Goucher Hall (5th Floor).]

About Jodias

J.V. Dias, an American from San Jose, California, is currently the co-coordinator of the Integrated English (IE) Program and a member of the Communications Unit of Aoyama Gakuin University's English Department. In the last few years he has published articles that appeared in two TESOL texts: Dias, J.V., & Kikuchi, K. (2010). Designing listening tasks: Lessons learned from needs analysis studies. In Teaching Listening: Voices From the Field (N. Ashcraft and A. Tran, Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 9-31. AND... Dias, J.V. (2009). A Web of Controversy: Bringing Critical Thinking Skills Online. In Adult language learners: Context and innovation (G. Strong and A. Smith, Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 97-105.
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