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J.V. Dias, an American from San Jose, California, is currently the co-coordinator of the Integrated English (IE) Program and a member of the Communications Unit of Aoyama Gakuin University's English Department. In the last few years he has published articles that appeared in two TESOL texts: Dias, J.V., & Kikuchi, K. (2010). Designing listening tasks: Lessons learned from needs analysis studies. In Teaching Listening: Voices From the Field (N. Ashcraft and A. Tran, Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 9-31. AND... Dias, J.V. (2009). A Web of Controversy: Bringing Critical Thinking Skills Online. In Adult language learners: Context and innovation (G. Strong and A. Smith, Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 97-105.

A Successful Completion to 25th Year of IE Program

This month marks the successful close of the 25th year of the IE Program. We wish this year’s graduates all the best in their future endeavors.

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Here’s the schedule for the 2019 Academic year. Click on the image to view the PDF: An English version of the academic calendar can be found at: .

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Messages of Encouragement to New Students

Make the most of your time at AGU and try to develop an interest in something that requires–or can be enhanced by–the use of English. Even better, make the most of being where you are and explore ways of contributing … Continue reading

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25th Year of the IE Program — Orientation for Teachers

This is the 25th anniversary of the Integrated English Program. We’d like to thank all of the teachers and students who have been part of the program through the years and helped to make it one of the best EAP … Continue reading

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Voices of the IE Program Over Its 25-year History

Barnaby Ralph Clark Richardson See messages from eight more former IE Program teachers: Melvin Andrade Eiko Asoh Rachael Barat Brant Hardgrave Kathy Reimer Joyce Taniguchi Yoko Wakui Mariko Yokokawa

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IE Teachers Present about Extensive Reading at JALT 2017

At the lively JALT 2017 Conference, James Broadbridge, Greg Strong, Melvin Andrade, Jeff Bruce, and myself gave a well-attended talk on “Exploring Online and Autonomous Extensive Reading.” Here’s the blurb on it that ran in the conference handbook: “Extensive reading’s … Continue reading

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English Dept. Teachers & Former AGU Grad Student Present at JALT 2017

In the Lifelong Language Learning Forum at the JALT 2017 Conference in Tsukuba, Mitsue Allen-Tamai–along with her former MA student, Yumi Matsunaga, now an English teacher for elementary schools in Shinagawa Ward–gave an intriguing report on the effects of Allen-Tamai … Continue reading

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2018 Academic Calendar

Click on the thumbnail of the Schedule for the 2018 Academic Year for a larger and clearer view. Find an English version of the 2018/19 schedule at  

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Aogaku Hosts Successful JACET Conference

Many thanks to Prof. Matsuo Kimura for his great organizational skills and hard work in organizing AGU’s hosting of the JACET extravaganza. From August 29th to the 31st, Aoyama Gakuin University held JACET’s 56th International Convention. Mitsue Allen-Tamai and I … Continue reading

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IE Teachers Presenting at 4th Extensive Reading World Congress

At the 4th Extensive Reading World Congress, which was held at Toyo Gakuin University last weekend Gregory Strong, Joseph Dias, Gamal Mohamed, Milton Miltiadous, and BJ Butler presented their observations using the extensive reading app Xreading with students. This was … Continue reading

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