Final Assignments and Finishing up

1) If you didn’t do so already, one of the members from your “intercultural simulation” group should send me a revised copy of the simulation (i.e., a version that was improved after the simulation was performed for the class), along with reflections on how the simulation was carried out. I would prefer your reflections to be combined into one file, but each member of the “intercultural simulation” group is required to write reflections that are the equivalent of one typed page (about 300 words).

2) In the conferencing area “Tableaux Vivants,” you should write your analysis of the differences and similarities between our word associations and tableaux and those of the students at San Lorenzo Valley High School in California. To help you understand the meaning of the Spanish words, you can use a Spanish/ Japanese dictionary or a Spanish/ English dictionary.

3) Write your opinions (not less than 300 words) in the conferencing area I set up called “Final discussion about approaches to happiness.” This is a follow-up on your final presentation. Use the grid that I distributed to you (for taking notes about the presentations) in order to write your opinions about…

Which countries you think you might find happiness in if you emigrated there? Why?

What factors, in your opinion, seem to contribute most to happiness in the countries reported on (e.g., religion, sense of place, quality of education and the natural environment)?

4) Look through the nicenet discussions in “Conferencing” to make sure you contributed to all of them. Take the opportunity TO READ what others have written, if you didn’t do so already, and comment on postings that interest you. Remember that it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get a passing grade in our seminar if you didn’t post messages to the Conferencing groups as you were directed to do in the homework assignments.

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