IE Teachers Presenting at 4th Extensive Reading World Congress

At the 4th Extensive Reading World Congress, which was held at Toyo Gakuin University last weekend Gregory Strong, Joseph Dias, Gamal Mohamed, Milton Miltiadous, and BJ Butler presented their observations using the extensive reading app Xreading with students. This was an action research project with a quasi-experimental design. We spoke about how students engaged with the software, what the challenges and surprises were to us as teachers, and what advice we would give to other teachers who may use the app in the future.

A final panel of speakers represented countries that don’t have a “reading culture” — that is, reading is not part of the daily practice of most people in these societies (including Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Vietnam, among others). They spoke of their efforts, against all odds, to introduce the habit of reading among children through extensive reading programs. One teacher from the state of Sinoloa in Mexico considered it life or death for the next generation, because reading can show kids that there are other things that can be admired other than drug kingpins.

We can’t be complacent in thinking that cultures where reading is still considered important will always be that way. A plenary speaker at the conference from Singapore, Loh Chin Ee, spoke about how, at a school she visited in her country, the principal would sit on a chair in front of all the students reading a book as the students read their books silently in weekly reading assemblies. Reading really does have to be cultivated so we don’t have to suffer through future leaders who won’t have become better people through reading.

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IE Program’s Plagiarism Policy Video (with subtitles)

The video featuring IE Program teachers announcing the Integrated English Program’s plagiarism policy is now complete with subtitles.

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A Celebration of All Things Basso

Dear Friends of Richard Basso,

You may have heard that our dear friend, and former AGU teacher, Richard Basso passed away last Thursday morning. If you haven’t, I’m sorry to break this news to you. We have planned a special event in his honor:

Richard Basso: A Celebration of Life
Saturday, April 15, 4 PM – 12 Midnight

There will be an informal gathering of the friends of Richard to honor and celebrate his life through joyful conviviality. Bring food, drink and Richard Basso lore to share. The setting for the get-together is an apartment near Shibuya Station that Blair Thomson kindly made available for the occasion. Email Joseph Dias for the address of the venue and a link to video directions.

Former students, colleagues, friends, and casual acquaintances are all welcome. Richard Basso taught AGU students for 36 years, starting in 1978, so he has legions of admirers and those who respect his tireless dedication.

Donations can be offered for Richard Basso’s family to cover his hospital stay and medical expenses, which were considerable.

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A Successful IE Program Teachers’ Orientation

On April Fool’s Day we held the IE Orientation and 24th Annual Faculty Development Symposium on University English Teaching. Approximately forty IE teachers and guests from other departments were in attendance. Presentations included a forum on teachers in publishing, featuring James Broadbridge, Jeff Bruce, and Gregory Strong; presentations on innovative learning systems for mastering pronunciation, listening comprehension and speaking fluency (EnglishCentral), and extensive reading (Xreading); a demonstration of an app/ website (Quizlet) for studying vocabulary in an enjoyable, interactive way by Joseph Dias; and a fascinating presentation by Mariko Muro Yokokawa on English Sketches and Role Play that provide a window into intercultural insights and understanding. CLICK HERE to see an album of photos taken on the day of the IE Orientation.

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IE Program Teachers’ Orientation 2017

Here is the Word file with the full schedule of the IE Orientation and 24th Annual Faculty Development Symposium on University English Teaching.

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Schedule for 2017 Academic Year

Click on the thumbnail of the Schedule for the 2017 Academic Year for a larger and clearer view. Also, you can find a version of the schedule in English that clearly states which holidays are normal working days and which are genuine holidays at:

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From this semester (Spring 2016) all students in all three levels of IE Writing will be required to upload the final drafts of their essays to a “Database of Student Writing.”

In the second semester, students in Academic Writing will also have to upload the final draft of their essay to the database.

This handout gives detailed instructions on how to do it.

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Calendar for 2016 Academic Year

Click on the image below for an English version of the calendar. [Note that April 7th is mislabeled as “Wednesday,” when it is actually Thursday.]

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Teachers Introduce the IE Program’s Plagiarism Policy

These are instructors who teach for the English Department at Aoyama Gakuin University announcing the plagiarism policy of the Integrated English Program.

You can read the complete plagiarism policy by clicking HERE.

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23rd Annual IE Program Orientation for Teachers

We look forward to an energizing, mind-expanding, and enjoyable IE Orientation for teachers on Saturday morning. Below you will find the program. If you click on it, you will be able to download the notes describing each of the presentations.


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