Handouts related to Orientation

Here are some materials related to various talks given at the Orientation:

Tom Anderson and Nicole Takeda gave a talk on “Encouraging and Assessing Student Feedback.” Here is a PPT and a PDF used by Nicole during her presentation.

During the symposium on “Ways of Teaching Reading,” Kazuko Namba spoke about her  experimentation with group work in her Reading classes for the last two years. In this PDF she shows how it might be effectively used in the teaching of reading.

Joseph Dias gave a presentation on the reading habits of our students and their views on the reading instruction they’ve been receiving. This PPT summarizes the data we’ve gathered and offers some preliminary interpretations and suggestions.

Professor Allen-Tamai used the following PPT during her presentation on the current state of English language education in Asia and the changes that are being instigated at the elementary level in Japanese schools through the new course of study.

During his presentation on vocabulary teaching and assessment, Gregory strong showed a PPT that he converted to this PDF. He also would like to pass on this doc, which offers even more vocabulary related resources.

In a session which gave an overview of the IE Program, James Broadbridge used the following handouts when discussing the IE Active Listening course:

Interactions Information

Interaction sign up sheet


National Geographic Archives – Glacier Melt


Schedule for IE Orientation on April 2, 2011

Here’s another file related to the Orientation.